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Stone Statues

Stone Statues

Our Stone Statues are skillfully carved with fine finishing and are available in various designs, varying from religious, modern art, etc. The Ancient Beauty has an outstanding collection of stone statues and for more information on stone statues do access below URL

  • Eight Handed Krishna

  • Ganesha Dancing On Mushak with 10 Hands

  • Ganesha On Mushak

  • Ganesha Sitting On Mushak 01

  • Ganesha Sitting On Mushak 02

  • Ganesha Sitting On Shahanai

  • Ganesha with Prabhavali

  • Kaliya Mardhan Krishna

  • Krishna Playing Flute Statue

  • Mahalakshmi

  • Mahalakshmi with Prabhavali

  • Mahishasura Mardhini

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